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Raymond Hernandez, MSEM

I am an IT Professional with a comprehensive background in hardware and software development. My proficiency ranges across the full stack, employing tools and frameworks like PHP/Apache, Python/Django, C#/ASP.Net, SQL, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. My backend development foundation is solidly anchored in PHP, complemented by an adept knowledge of Python, especially for application development and data analytics. On the frontend, I utilize contemporary tools to ensure an intuitive and smooth user experience. I have a deep understanding of API programming, facilitating efficient data integrations.

In addition to web technology, I have hands-on experience in mobile application development, specializing in building applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from California State University, Northridge, and later obtained a Master of Science in Engineering Management, specializing in Systems Engineering, from National University, San Diego.

Outside of my professional pursuits, I enjoy playing the guitar, indulging in Japanese animations, video games, collecting vintage Japanese robots, and binge-watching the Star Wars trilogy.

The projects documented here are for the purposes of peer review and education.

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IT Coordinator, Information Systems (TRC)
National Univerity, San Diego, CA (2013 - current)

  • Executed new campus site projects and business office setups across multiple locations.
  • Managed active directory domain for 400+ workstations, exemplifying deep technical expertise.
  • Administered and facilitated comprehensive training sessions on Workday, PeopleSoft, and SOAR for computer lab technicians and staff.
  • Led the transition to remote setups for staff, faculty, and students during the Covid-19 pandemic, utilizing deep understanding of Workday and PeopleSoft systems.
  • Resolved technical issues and ensured optimal functionality of National University marketing websites using PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, SQL, and HTML.
  • Worked alongside developers and designers in cross-functional teams to diagnose and rectify website issues effectively.

Program Business Analyst, SAP
St. Jude Medical CRMD, Sylmar, CA (2006 - 2010)

  • Expedited multiple medical device product launches, enhancing efficiency by 30%.
  • Applied Six Sigma lean practices to assembly lines, reducing waste and saving $600K.
  • Reduced data migration errors by analyzing assembly lines and directing data migration from CRM MFG/Pro to SAP with ABAP.
  • Integrated SAP, SQL Server, Oracle, and web services using both out-of-box and custom adapters, ensuring seamless data exchange.
  • Recognized with Green Belt and Black Belt Six Sigma Project awards.
  • Engaged in various R&D Projects, Build of Materials, and data analysis using Excel, SQL, R, and Access.

Associate Engineer
Magna Air, Santa Monica, CA (2003 - 2006)

  • Boosted client satisfaction by 80% by automating pneumatic & humidity control systems with custom C/C++ programs.
  • Streamlined the PLC programming process via embedded programming, resulting in annual company savings of $100,000.

Web Developer
UPS Store - Mail Shoppe, Canoga Park, CA (2000 - 2003)

  • Designed and developed the branch website, utilizing Macromedia Flash, HTML, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, and CSS to deliver engaging user experiences and seamless functionality.
  • Ensured accurate tracking of end-user issues within the tracking system, adhering to organizational policies and standards.

Master of Science - Engineering Management (2019)
National Univerity, San Diego, CA

National University

Bachelor of Science - Computer Engineering (2017)
California State Univerity, Northridge, CA


Associate of Science - Computer Science (2013)
Los Angeles Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA

Pierce College

Electronics and Communications Engineering
University of the East, Manila, Philippines

University of the East

IBM Full Stack Software Developer (2022)

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Google Data Analytics (2022)

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IBM Data Science (2022)

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IBM Data Analyst (2022)

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Google Project Management (2022)

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Google IT Automation with Python (2022)

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Master SQL for Data Science (2022)

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Computer Science for Business (2012)

Los Angeles Pierce College